What does a furniture Warranty cover?

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A furniture warranty provides coverage for manufacturing defects and typically comes with a time limitation.

However, it's important to note that furniture warranties don't cover product negligence, mishandling, or general wear and tear.

So, what exactly qualifies as a manufacturer's defect, and what isn't covered under the warranty?

For instance, if the stitching on a fabric sofa starts to unravel within the first 12 months, it would typically be considered a manufacturing defect and thus covered under the furniture warranty.

Contrarily, a warranty doesn't cover fabric pilling as it's not considered a flaw in the fabric.

Furniture warranties also come with specific durations, which might vary for different parts and materials. For example, King Living offers a 25-year steel frame warranty on all indoor sofas. Meanwhile, other indoor product components are covered by a 15-year warranty according to the pro-rata schedule.

To access the table listing warranty periods and specific exclusions, please click here.


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