King Living Product Warranty Periods

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King Living is committed to providing high-quality products and offers various warranty periods for their products and components.

Here is a summary of the warranty periods for King Living products. Please note that the warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects and do not apply to normal wear and tear or misuse.

Indoor Products (Manufactured after 1 January 2015)

  1. Steel or alloy frames: 25-year warranty
  2. Sofa accessories: 2-year warranty
  3. Electrical accessories: 1-year warranty
  4. Other components (foam, fillings, suspension, etc.): 15-year warranty with a Pro Rata Schedule
  5. King Leather and King Fabric components: 5-year warranty with a Pro Rata Schedule

Outdoor Products (Manufactured after 1 January 2012)

  1. Steel or alloy frames: 10-year warranty
  2. Coating and Surface: 5-year warranty
  3. Components of outdoor products: 2-year warranty
  4. Accessories for outdoor products and WeatherGuard covers: 2-year warranty
  5. King Rope: 5-year warranty
  6. 'Sunbrella' upholstery and fabrics: 5-year warranty

Electronics and Motion Components

  1. Electronics and motion components of all King Living branded products: 2-year warranty
  2. Electronics and motion components of all King branded products (with 3 Year Extended Warranty): 5-year total warranty

Other Products

  1. Sleep+ products (excluding Fit Cover): 15-year warranty with a Pro Rata Schedule
  2. Fit Cover: 2-year warranty
  3. Case Goods & King bedroom, dining room, living room, and furnishing products: 2-year warranty
  4. King lighting products: 1-year warranty
  5. Rugs by King: 2-year warranty

Commercial Products (Manufactured after 1 April 2015)

  1. Steel or alloy frames (for commercial purposes): 10-year warranty
  2. Other components (for commercial purposes): 1-year warranty

Please note that each warranty is specific to a product or a component of a product. For a full understanding of what is not covered by the warranty, refer to the King Living Warranty page here.

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